The Dynamics of Group Relations – Internal and External Influences on Its Syntality

Oltea Hriţcu, Maria Doina Schipor


As socially active persons, we are inevitably part of various groups which facilitate the activities that we carry out daily. Our personal attitude within the group that we belong to can influence the group activities in a positive or in a negative way, or it is possible that our influence on the group be insignificant or negligible. This research project aims at investigating the manner in which the individual characteristics of a person influence the characteristics of the group he/she belongs to, as well as the connections established among the group members, in terms of group activity. The research group included 109 pupils from four distinct classes. The applied research methods were the questionnaire-based survey, and the structured interview. The result show that there are significant correlations between the individual characteristics of the person and the characteristics of the group he/she belongs to, and also the actions of the formal leader of the group (i.e. primary class teacher or class teacher) are related with the group psychological profile.


social group dynamic, social identity, leadership

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