A Study on Teachers’ Attitude towards Efficient Educational Communication



Abstract: There are several trends in nowadays society that has a negative impact on the ability to communicate, on the one hand, and on the means of communication, on the other. Technological progress, the violence exhibited by modern society, and the inappropriate disciplinary techniques used by parents and teachers are just some variables that influence the children communication ability. Given the context, the current research aims at capturing the attitude of teachers and parents towards efficient communication in the children’s education. The study is based on a questionnaire survey conducted to determine the measure in which certain factors (the status of the adult: parent or teacher, the age of the child, the area of residence, the level of education of the parent or teacher) impact on the process of communication, seen from the standpoint of its main three dimensions: cognitive, affective, respectively behavioural. The results of our inquiry highlights the relation between these three attitudinal dimensions and the level of knowledge of efficient communication techniques of the teachers and the parents involved in the children’s educational process.


education, communication, teachers, parents, techniques for efficient communication

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