The Online on Job Training. The Experience of TOL@TFA in a Training Course for Teachers

Ettore Felisatti, Cristina Mazzucco, Pietro Tonegato


The paper presents an on-line course, preparatory to training, held at the University of Padua in the initial training high school teachers. It is an internship, named TOL@TFA, made with students attending the Internship Training Active (TFA), which is the final training course of their academic career necessary, in Italy, to obtain the title for teaching in high schools. The TOL@TFA has developed 4 learning units closely connected. During the course, the students acted in remote interaction with a group of peers and with the support of a tutor skilled in technology and teaching. In this way, they prepared them self to the experience about direct and indirect internship in the school, they learned to work online, they reflected on their future professional identity, they acquires fundamental intervention tools for the internship and for their future work and they have been introduced to the knowledge of school as a system. At the end of the training activities, through a quantitative and qualitative questionnaire, the students evaluated the experience. The results demonstrate a strong appreciation both for the quality of the training both with regard to the working model adopted.

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